... let's say it opened fine and I can see it in normal view. ... Where are my worksheet tabs? The Show sheet tabs setting is turned off. How to Return to Normal View in Excel 2007 ... Clicking the sheet tab will return you to the normal sheet view. When you open a Microsoft Excel worksheet to review sales data or other company ... Data Disappears in Excel. Learn how to return to the normal view in Excel 2013 after you have edited a header in Excel 2013, or viewed the page layout of your spreadsheet. In the default Normal view mode, this option is checked but grayed out. ... someone else created! To do that hold the Ctrl key and select multiple tabs. Step 1: Open your spreadsheet in Excel 2010. White Gridlines. I was looking at an Excel sheet and click some combo of keys to open a new Excel sheet. How to switch to full screen in Excel ? Then try any of the above. Full screen hides UI elements on the ribbon, ... Switch to full or normal screen view. Next time if you do not see gridlines on your worksheet you know what to do. The header will be visible at the top of each page, as in the image below. In Excel, you can toggle or switch between full screen and normal screen. 1. Spreadsheet Has Disappeared! Excel General; sheet tabs MISSING! Somehow my spreadsheet disappeared while I was working in it. in normal view we just see the tabular excel sheet in excel I'm trying to display more than one spreadsheet at a time in the same workspace. When I closed the new one, my old sheet did not show up. if so you can only see this in print preview not in normal view. This is a multi-worksheet spreadsheet & I am still able to view the other worksheets. by Elizabeth Mott. Worksheet tabs disappear when you change some "Display options for this workbook" options and then add a macro worksheet to a workbook in Excel 2007 This article compares two ways of getting full screen mode in Excel, ... it will return to the normal view. Troubleshoot Excel With Formula View. How to turn off Page Layout View as default view. Excel General; Spreadsheet Has Disappeared! Tip: You may apply the settings to multiple sheets at once. Discussion in 'Microsoft Excel New Users' started by Colin Halliday, ... Reset to Normal view and close Excel again and Enter Complex Excel Formulas Fast; Excel Sheet Selector With No Macros; In Excel ... such as Normal view. No Cell Count On Status Bar in Excel 2013. 2. In your case, the hide feature may have been activated by mistake. Step 3: Click the Page Layout option in the Workbook Views section of the ribbon at the top of the window. At any time, you can switch back to Normal view. I have also tried opening and closing the doc and the sheet still does not show. On the View tab, in the Workbook Views group, click Normal. When you first start Excel, the Normal view is what you will see. If you want them to reappear, navigate to View tab and make sure the option Gridlines is checked under section Show. Worksheet disappeared! excel sheet disappears in normal view (Excel 2002) - I have an excel worksheet that you can view in full screen mode; however, in normal view